Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thesis-A Work in Progress

So School is in full swing and what do I do but spend most of my time working on my thesis.

Currently I am slaving away on my backgrounds. I have drawn them by hand, scanned them in and done a three shade study in Photoshop. After approval from my adviser I go on to coloring. It has been a joy and a challenge for this is my first time seriously using Photoshop. Sure I have used the program for little exercise in class and I colored a few scenes for another seniors thesis last year, but it's one thing when your fallowing basic orders and problem solving on someone elses's piece and another when your dictating everything on your own stuff and trying to make your vision materialize before you. Never the less, with the occasional helpful lessons and advice of others I have grown much in the past couple of weeks.

An example of my more finished Backgrounds is this::

Thank you so much Natasha , Mallory, Daniel, Mr. Archambault, Maria, Triss and Giorgio for the time you took to take a look and teach or advise me on what to add or change in my work. Your encouragement and helpful feedback has made it possible for me to create work on my own such as the one above.

More examples of my work::
This is my Main Character for my thesis

This is a characterchure I did from a photo of me

A person sleeping on the subway

This concludes my first entry in my new blog. YEA!!!!