Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Black and White Sketches

I don't remember if this is already up, anyway, this is a self portrait I did in charcoal. I missed doing fine art related projects in contrast to animating so took a few hours out of my Saturday and just when to town. I missed playing with such a messy medium.

This piece represents coming from the darkness into the light

A rose that I bought for myself. When it began to wilt, I felt it reflected how I was feeling at the time and wanted to capture it before it was gone forever

A drawing that originally was a concept in my mind, a moment I wanted to capture. I used myself as inspiration and as a result turned to this angled self portrait

A portrait of my friend. I'm actually happy with the way it came out.
My main focus was to capture his eyes. In previous drawings of him I had been afraid to even attempt to draw his eyes in fear that I would fail to capture the beauty I see and how they reflect the depth of his soul. His eyes to me are adorable yet deep and penetrating.

A practice of intimate poses and couplish activity

This was drawn as a memory of fun times I had with my friend before things became slightly complicated. But I know these times will return. We have such good chemistry and a natural draw to each other, it would just feel weird and awkward if it was to stay the way things are now. Once things lighten up so will we, besides to this very day we have moments anyway, just a fraction of what could be and will be.And people wonder why I nicknamed him Monkey ^.^ He's so silly <3>

I call this the apology.
I hope it speaks for itself.

This was an attempt for me to draw in a different style and expand my abilities. It came strictly from my head and I'm rather proud of him. Though he comes off kinda sad, I don't mind him at all, simple and kinda cute I think

This is a sketch of me and a few of my friends about to eat dinner. The strange thing that is hovering over the girls shoulder is actually the concept I made for my moon sign: Virgo, but I call her Moony.
Originally this was a drawing simply to implicate Moony in some kind of scenario, then it just turned into this. I had lots of fun playing around with expressions I felt best suited each person. A bunch of goofballs the lot of 'em

Concepts for Harmony

This sketch plays more on my characters water attributes over her air and earth

These three drawings are my early concepts for my character Harmony. The inspiration game from my astrological chart in dealing with the zodiac. Being that she does constantly change, I feel all of these apply, but I am well pleased with the concept I came up with over all as her main look, which you will see in latter images in this post. Either way, I'm sure these looks will play their roles somehow, depending on what situations I put her in and how I'm feeling.

This was a representation of a struggle I had with a friend at one point. He had cared for me deeply but was to controlling and protective. I needed my freedom to express and think as I do and discover who I was, a journey I had to take alone.
As a result he was hurting me and so was I to him and my other friend whom he's dating. I hope to reestablish the friendship we had with them and in time I'm sure we will

This is one of the first interactive drawings I drew of Harmony and Scorpitarius together, I drew this in pen while in the car. I wanted to capture her playful nature and how she can sometimes surprise him, even if it's not intentional

Drawn in a different style than usually, I wanted this drawing to play upon their differences and capture the nature of their relationship. How in his natural environment she does not function at her best, but she still tries. He finds it amusing and cute but of course he will laugh at her instead of helping her, I mean how much fun would that be otherwise

These two drawings I wanted to show a more intimate nature between them. I think the beautiful thing is how with the top picture shows him in a more "in control" position and role while on the bottom, he comes off more tender and under her power. I think this captures the a core essence of their relationship, how their roles are constantly interchanging and they have no problem with it

The final concept sketch for another zodiac inspired character. I call him, Scorpitarius, he's the cusp of the Scorpio and Sagittarius. His main and tail are made of fire and the armor represents the Scorpio, the armor tail is retractable and recedes into the armor connected to his back. His hooves are embedded in the Scorpio leg armor to grant him greater speed and grace on almost all terrains, so he won't just run quick in dirt but also in sand, with out being hindered

These two drawings were meant as an exorcise with the anatomy in different posses and playing upon the grace of flight and wings

A drawing meant to express my internal struggle, fighting off the sinking feeling from the clingy gunk of depression, trying not to give up even though it's so hard

This is the original drawing to a self-portrait that latter turned into an oil painting. It was meant to express how lost I was, I felt that I couldn't see, yet there was a light in my eyes, a light that aimed towards God, for I was meant to trust and look to him.
The painted version can be seen in an earlier post

These two sketches were meant to express how technology makes me feel sometimes

Winds of Change and Destruction. An abstract sketch meant to quickly get down how I was feeling with out literal imagery

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Digital Painting

These are all backgrounds from my Thesis film, "The Missing Piece" drew them out first, scanned in the pictures and painted them in Photoshop.

Some Paintings

These are examples of some paintings I did in Color Theory earlier in the year. With out this class, my backgrounds to my thesis would not be what they are today

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thesis-A Work in Progress

So School is in full swing and what do I do but spend most of my time working on my thesis.

Currently I am slaving away on my backgrounds. I have drawn them by hand, scanned them in and done a three shade study in Photoshop. After approval from my adviser I go on to coloring. It has been a joy and a challenge for this is my first time seriously using Photoshop. Sure I have used the program for little exercise in class and I colored a few scenes for another seniors thesis last year, but it's one thing when your fallowing basic orders and problem solving on someone elses's piece and another when your dictating everything on your own stuff and trying to make your vision materialize before you. Never the less, with the occasional helpful lessons and advice of others I have grown much in the past couple of weeks.

An example of my more finished Backgrounds is this::

Thank you so much Natasha , Mallory, Daniel, Mr. Archambault, Maria, Triss and Giorgio for the time you took to take a look and teach or advise me on what to add or change in my work. Your encouragement and helpful feedback has made it possible for me to create work on my own such as the one above.

More examples of my work::
This is my Main Character for my thesis

This is a characterchure I did from a photo of me

A person sleeping on the subway

This concludes my first entry in my new blog. YEA!!!!